Magnussen says consistency will be key for the battle in the midfield

Magnussen says consistency will be key for the battle in the midfield

Kevin Magnussen
photo: Haas

Kevin Magnussen says that the battle in the midfield of this year’s Formula 1 world championship is really tight. The Haas driver thinks that consistency will be key in it.

The same tire compounds you ran in the most recent race in Singapore are the same compounds you’ll have in Sochi. It seemed that getting a handle on how each of these compounds would perform proved difficult. Despite your struggles in Singapore, do you feel that experience has you better prepared for Sochi?

“The hypersoft tires were slightly difficult to get working in Singapore. Sochi’s obviously a different track, and the temperatures will be different as well. It’ll most likely be a different story there.”

Heading into Singapore, there was some trepidation because it was a tight and twisty track that didn’t suit the Haas VF-18 as well as other circuits. Does the Sochi Autodrom allow for a return to the style of race track that better suits your racecars?

“I think Sochi is a pretty good track. It’s not a low-speed track as such. But it’s not a high-speed track either. It’s got very wide, medium-speed corners. It’s quite a fun track, and good for overtaking and racing. I think we should have a good race there.”

The fight for the top of the midfield seems to have ramped up of late. Renault is fourth and Haas F1 Team isn’t that far behind in fifth, but McLaren and Force India have cut the gap to each of you. How would you describe the current midfield battle?

“The battle is still extremely tight. Every point counts. The rest of the season will be very tough. We have a slight gap to close to Renault, but we’ll do everything we can to do that. As always, consistency will be key.”

In your first two starts in Sochi, you made up significant ground to score points – 11th to fifth in 2014 and 17th to seventh in 2016 for a total of 16 positions. How did you do it, and was one race drastically different from the other?

“I know in 2016 I had a good first lap. Quite a few people messed up and lost things like front wings and so on. I made up lots of positions with that. I then had a really good race after that to finish seventh.”

What is your favourite part of the Sochi Autodrom and why?

“I like turns six, seven and eight as they’re high speed.”

Is there a specific portion of the Sochi Autodrom that is more challenging than other aspects of the track?

“Turn three is a bit hard for your neck, it goes on and on. It can be a little bit tiring on your neck.”

Explain a lap around the Sochi Autodrom.

“It’s a good track with some challenging corners. I’d say it has unique shaped corners, with some good opportunities for overtaking.”