Norris: Driving these cars does take a bit of time to get...

Norris: Driving these cars does take a bit of time to get used to

Lando Norris
photo: Zak Mauger/McLaren

Lando Norris completed 73 laps on the second and final day of testing for young drivers at the Hungaroring in Budapest. The morning session’s to-do list consisted of a number of short runs with quick changes to facilitate aero tests, correlation and data gathering. Then the McLaren team carried out various component changes ready for the afternoon session, which focussed on slightly longer runs for configuration tests and tyre compound evaluation, as well as further planned set-up work.

Lando Norris

“Tuesday was quite tricky because it was the first time I’ve driven in the wet in Formula 1, and it’s quite a different experience to Formula 2. Driving these cars does take a bit of time to get used to, but a lot of it’s just because of the run plan, testing a lot of different parts and getting aero data.”

“The team has been trying to get as much information as they can on things open to them over the next few race weekends, and things that they tested over this weekend, so they can analyse the runs. There’s not been that much performance testing where I’ve been able to do as quick a lap-time as I would like, but a lot of it has been going over the run plan and sticking to that.”

“This year’s car feels much better than last year’s, for sure, mainly because it’s got a bit more power, but it’s hard to say.”

“Compared to last year I’ve been doing a lot more testing rather trying to make myself look good by doing a fast lap-time.”

“The first important thing is being able to jump in and get up to a pretty reasonable base quickly, and not wasting the whole morning taking ages to get up to speed. It’s about being within a few metres straight away on the braking points and high-speed corners. Secondly, the team wants consistency and your feedback, so that they’re able to precisely know if something’s worse or better, and whether to keep it for the future.”

“These test days are just as important as any other days I’ve ever done. Whether it’s Barcelona, Abu Dhabi, here last year, they’re all important in terms of how I drive on-track, my behaviour off-track, my feedback, and how I try and move everything forward.”

Gil de Ferran

“Overall, it has been another good day, and we’ve gathered information that is both relevant for this year and next year.”

“Unfortunately, we had a couple of small issues in the afternoon that limited our mileage, however, they didn’t have a major impact on our run plan.”

“Lando has done a great job and hasn’t put a foot wrong over the last two days. Now onto our summer break, and I wish everyone an enjoyable and restful two weeks off.”