Sergio Perez: When you think of Formula 1, you think of Monaco

Sergio Perez: When you think of Formula 1, you think of Monaco


Force India driver Sergio Perez says the Monaco Grand prix is the most important race in the Formula 1 calendar. He also explains how you make a lap on the Principality’s streets.

“When you think of Formula One, you think of Monaco. It’s the most important race and the one we all want to win. When I was a child, I dreamed about driving on the famous streets and I still feel excited every year I race there. To finish on the podium last year shows that anything is possible. It’s such a unique race; a big highlight of the year”, Sergio Perez said.

“Monaco is my favourite track because it’s the biggest challenge. I think the contribution of the driver is greater compared to other tracks. There is no room for mistakes and you need to take small risks to find extra performance. It’s a test of concentration for almost two hours, which is why it’s such a difficult race.”

Sergio Perez: “The best parts of the lap are the quick sections”

“The swimming pool is impressive because we carry so much speed and you have to be very precise on the kerbs. Casino is also very quick and with these cars will be quite a challenge. There’s no room for error so you need to be careful that the car doesn’t step out of line through these parts of the lap.”