Yamaha celebrates 500 Grand prix victories

Yamaha celebrates 500 Grand prix victories


The Yamaha Factory Racing Team is one of the most successful teams in Grand Prix racing. And it underlined its reputation when Maverick Viñales rode a brilliant race at the Le Mans circuit in France, and sealed the 500th Grand Prix win for the brand.

The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) officially declared that Yamaha has enjoyed victories in the 125cc (47 wins), 250cc (165), 350cc (63), 500cc (120) and MotoGP class (105). All of these add up to a sensational 500 Grand Prix wins in total.

Out of all Yamaha riders, current MotoGP class racer Valentino Rossi is the biggest achiever. His love story with the YZR-M1 has been going strong for many years. And it resulted in 55 wins to date. Teammate Viñales has only been competing as part of the Movistar Yamaha MotoGP Team for five races. But he has established an impressive 60% victory rate on the Yamaha, thanks to his wins in Qatar, Argentina and France.

The list includes Jorge Lorenzo (44 wins), Phil Read (39 wins), Eddie Lawson (26 wins), Wayne Rainey (24 wins), Kenny Roberts Sr. (24 wins), Bill Ivy (21 wins), Carlos Lavado (19 wins), Luca Cadalora (13 wins), Giacomo Agostini (12 wins) and many more.

“Reaching a monumental milestone, such as 500 GP victories, makes one stop for a moment in time to put things into perspective”, managing director Yamaha Motor Racing Lin Jarvis said

“When you know how much effort our team currently puts into getting one single GP victory, then it is almost impossible to comprehend how much energy, effort, blood, sweat and tears have been exerted over the years to achieve 500 victories. At the end of the day, although this is a technological sport, the results and every victory are only achieved by the qualities and energies and above all teamwork of all the people involved. Every single person’s contribution plays an important part in every victory. Our riders, technicians, mechanics, engineers, designers, office staff, hospitality staff, riders’ support staff, PR team, suppliers, technical partners, sponsors and management, all play a vital role.”

“I would like to congratulate all of the riders and every single person that played a part in every single victory.”

Valentino Rossi commented it is a great honor for him to be Yamaha’s top scorer

“I remember many of these moments. And it’s great to be able to continue to ride a Yamaha after so many years. Being a Yamaha rider is always special. You’re not only riding an incredible bike, but also you’re also part of a special team. It was a pity I didn’t stand on the podium in Le Mans to celebrate the occasion. But I still have several races to do with my Yamaha M1. And I hope to further increase my number of wins.”

Maverick Viñales took the 500th victory and did not hide his content:

“We did an incredible job. And being a part of a big milestone such as this is always really nice. Even more so when writing history with Yamaha.”