Bernie Ecclestone could exit F1 by the end of the week

Bernie Ecclestone could exit F1 by the end of the week

Bernie Ecclestone
Bernie Ecclestone / Source: ATP

The remarkable reign of Bernie Ecclestone in Formula 1 could end by the end of this week. According to Sky Sports’ information he could leave his executive position in a couple of days. The move is in connection with Liberty Media’s deal to takeover Formula 1. The deal is valued at 8 billion dollars and might be completed until the end of January.

Ecclestone explained some time ago that he was asked to stay for three years. Liberty Media though wants to make significant changes and that could dictate Bernie’s removal. The 86-year-old F1 boss is working with Chase Carey for some time now. Carey was appointed as Formula 1 Chairman by Liberty Media.

According to F1 sources American Sean Bratches would take Ecclestone’s position. Bratches is a former executive at television network ESPN. He would run the commercial side of the sport, including sponsorship, marketing and media rights. Ross Brawn could also be part of the management and would work over the relations with teams on the sporting and technical side.

It is unlikely Bernie Ecclestone to accept an honorary role as life president

“We will have to see how we set the company up. It is not a case of my terms, it is a case of let’s have a look and see which way they would like to go”, Ecclestone told Press Association earlier last week.

“It is something that would have happened anyway. We need to put something together if I am not here because I have become deceased or something, and it is about time we did that. We were in the middle and when we knew these people were probably going to buy, we backed off and thought “let’s wait because they own the company and it is up to them to decide who or what they want”.”

Sources close to Ecclestone told BBC Sport it is unlikely Bernie to accept an honorary role as life president if he receives such an offer. Currently Ecclestone is on a skiing holiday with his wife Fabiana.