Hamilton: This title is my best

Hamilton: This title is my best

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton, Photo: Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton says his 2018 championship campaign was “definitely the best year” after clinching his fifth Formula 1 drivers’ title in the Mexican Grand Prix. The Mercedes driver said he wasn’t sure how he could improve after winning his previous title.

“When I won the championship last year I was like: How can I improve? How can I be fitter? How can I be more focused? Can I manage my time better? How can I just be a better all-round driver? Not just in the car but also my team in the garage, with the engineers, back in the factory, trying to be a better son, just in all areas, being a better friend.

This year I’ve been able to lift them all up. I don’t know if that’s something that comes with age but I’m sure the experience helps. I honestly feel like I’ve performed my best this year so I’m very happy with how it’s gone.”

Hamilton’s success means only one driver, seven-times world championship Michael Schumacher, has won more titles than he has. The Mercedes driver has two more years on his current contract, but isn’t about to start thinking of matching Schumacher’s achievement.

“Let me just try to realise first that I’ve won this one!” he said. “I don’t know why, it’s very weird, I remember when I won the European championship in Formula Three years ago, it didn’t register. I hope that this kicks in soon. Definitely I feel more excitement coming as I’m thinking about it first.”

“I don’t really try to allow myself to be too emotional in public. Right now I feel very humbled by the whole experience. It’s very hard to realise at the moment. It’s something of course I dreamed of but I never in a million years thought that I would be standing here today a five-time world champion. I never knew that was going to happen.

“And I just feel so grateful for everyone that’s helped me be here. The guys here, the guys back in the factory have helped me raise the bar and lift this cup, without them I couldn’t have done it. My family as well. My dad who just truly believed out and out that we had it above all the other drivers when we were younger. It’s so weird.”

Hamilton told his fans they are a part of his success:

“There are so many great people that send me positive energy, so many people that save up to travel to races. Even those that can’t afford to travel to races and are sitting back at home on the edge of their seats and willing me on.

“I never in a million years thought I would have even one person following me so to have all that support. Particularly also back in the UK, see so many British flags around here, that’s so uplifting. I always say we win and we lose together. So this is a great win for us. I love them and I hope they know they are just as much a part of this as my team.”