Five tips for a relaxing summer holiday with the car

Five tips for a relaxing summer holiday with the car

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A relaxing holiday starts with a pleasant journey. These days holidaymakers use their satnav and smartphone for a safe and stress-free journey. When these devices work as a team, they greatly enhance the holiday experience. The Volkswagen Car-Net is the key here. These five tips help drivers reduce stress levels when on holiday.

Plan routes at home and send them directly to the car

Whether you’re heading for the North Sea or the Côte d’Azur, whether you need a special tip for a pizzeria in Rimini or a rustic restaurant in the Alps, many drivers use their laptop or tablet to check routes and places to go before they set off. Once this is done, there is no need to enter these addresses in the satnav later. Intelligent networking of your computer, smartphone and infotainment system make this possible. The Volkswagen Car-Net ‘Guide & Inform’ function allows car drivers to plan their holidays at home and simply send the data directly to their car.

Easily find cheap petrol stations or free parking spaces

Why prolong the journey unnecessarily? The aim is to get you to your holiday destination faster without wasting time searching for cheap fuel or a free parking space. The Car-Net’s Guide & Inform navigation function tells you via the Infotainment display where the next multi-storey car park is, and depending on the availability of local information, it can even tell you the number of free parking spaces and what they cost. Not only does it show you the route to take for the nearest petrol station, it also shows you the price of petrol there, leaving you to decide if you want to go there or not.

Is the sunroof still open? The Car-Net app knows

Did I lock the car and switch off the headlights? Who hasn’t asked themselves this after they have sat down in a restaurant, stretched out their legs and ordered a drink? Clever holidaymakers use the app provided by the Car-Net ‘Security & Service’ function to confirm that all doors and the boot are locked and the headlights are off.

Now, where did I park the car? Car-Net knows where it is

When you’re exploring unknown territory, it’s easy to get lost. But you can rest assured that you’ll find the car again. Car-Net’s Security & Service app can locate exactly where the car is parked. The smartphone app shows the location and the route quickly and easily without the user having to enter any information.

A perfect interior temperature when you get in the car

Good fun is guaranteed when the sun shines. But only if the car hasn’t heated up to an unbearable temperature. You can avoid this quite simply by switching on the air conditioning system before you get in the car. Thanks to Car-Net, drivers of an electric or hybrid vehicle are even able to set the temperature using a computer or mobile phone before they set off.

Better summer holidays with Car-Net on board

Volkswagen Car-Net helps to make the journey a pleasant one by providing real-time traffic news and the remote functions of the Car-Net app. Users can adapt the Car-Net functionality of service packages such as Guide & Inform and Security & Service to their needs. Further information on Car-Net is provided by this link.