Seidl on Porsche’s Formula E project: Solutions become more fascinating

Seidl on Porsche’s Formula E project: Solutions become more fascinating

Formula E

The participation of Porsche in the Formula E championship is already confirmed and the company is working hard on its car. The Weissach factory team continues to pursue the development of its own electric powertrain, which is due for homologation in 2019.

“The FIA and Alejandro Agag have done a fantastic job”, says Porsche’s Fritz Enzinger who. As Vice President, he is in charge of the Formula E Programme. “It is due to this development that we will be able to compete on the race track against many of the world’s largest car manufacturers.”

Andreas Seidl, Fritz Enzinger, PorscheAs with the successful Le Mans Prototype 919 Hybrid project, Andreas Seidl will be responsible for the technical development and the execution of the Formula E programme

“The possibilities and performance of electric cars have been a central topic at Porsche for quite a while,” Seidl points out. “The deeper our engineers get into the topic, the more fascinating the solutions become. We can’t wait to receive our first vehicle in early 2019 and to test our own powertrain in it. The Gen2 racer, which was unveiled by Formula E in Geneva in early March, is very well executed.”

Formula E will provide the chassis as well as the battery

All powertrain components, however, are the competitors’ own developments. This enables Porsche to find bespoke solutions for key technologies such as the electric motor, inverter, brake-by-wire system. The list also includes transmission, differential, driveshafts. And monocoque, the suspension components attached to the rear axle, as well as the cooling system and ECU. The energy efficiency of the powertrain plays a decisive role in a competition attracting so many manufacturers. But it is also central to the development of road-going electric vehicles.

Porsche’s entry into Formula E in 2019 will coincide with the market launch of the production version of the concept study Mission E

This vehicle, the first all-electric Porsche, will be the most sports-focused and technologically-advanced car in its class. Porsche will invest more than six billion Euros in electric mobility before the end of 2022.