Fernando Alonso: The car felt as good as it did at the...

Fernando Alonso: The car felt as good as it did at the test


Fernando Alonso was fastest in the rookie and refreshers test on the first day of practice for the 101st Indianapolis 500 race. The 35-year-old Spaniard was 19th in the general practice and pleased with his effort.

“I was a little bit concerned (heading in) about the conditions, about the temperature, as it was much hotter today than at the test we did here on May 3rd. But no, the car felt as good as it did at the test, and I was able to make some setup changes without losing the confidence in the car. Everything went very smooth. The last half an hour maybe we had some issues with the rear suspension, and we could not complete the program that we had planned to run a little bit in traffic at the end of the day, so we missed that part, but overall it was an amazing day”, Alonso commented.

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso: “I’m happier than the first day with the car because I was able to feel some of the setup changes that we were planning in the morning”

“We did not do much running in traffic, so that’s still the thing that I need to go through in the next couple of days. But I did two or three laps behind some cars that were going out of pit lane, and it was good fun.”