Daniel Ricciardo: If I work well in Singapore, there should be a...

Daniel Ricciardo: If I work well in Singapore, there should be a chance

Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo thinks Singapore is his best chance to compensate the win he missed in Monte Carlo.

“If there is a little bit of karma or whatever, I’d like to think that I will get my Monaco win back somewhere”, the Australian said. “I don’t expect to be handed a victory, absolutely not. But I feel if I work very well across that weekend, then it should hopefully provide me with a chance. So Singapore is one I am looking at.”

Daniel Ricciardo: “Singapore is great, a real night race”

“Being able to drive through a massive city at night with all the lights flashing between buildings as you go past is an awesome feeling. It’s weird, I think it actually feels like you are going faster at night.”

“It’s really hot and humid out there, I would say it is probably the most physical race of the year but I enjoy the challenge. One main highlight for me is the food. It’s amazing in Singapore. You can get everything and anything but Chilli mud crabs are pretty mega so I love having them a lot.”

“It seems like a really fun city and I’m really fortunate to get a lot of people coming over from Australia and especially Perth, this means I get a lot of love in Singapore.”

Max Verstappen: “Singapore is definitely one of my favourites”

The night race is really challenging according to Max Verstappen: “It is not easy to understand and also the heat makes it even harder. Being a night race means it’s a bit different, you have to adapt your braking zone as the light changes from the earlier session to the late ones.”

“I enjoyed it a lot last year so I’m excited to go out there again. The local food looks and smells great but I haven’t got around to trying it yet. In 2015 I ate pretty basic food, I don’t really like fish so I kept it simple with some plain meat. This year I am going to try and sample some local dishes.”

“Luckily the time difference isn’t a problem. We are always driving so late, this means we keep our body clocks on the European time zone. It’s funny because we go for dinner in the middle of the night. There are people partying while you sit eating.”