Michelin and MotoGP are back on track at Brno after the summer...

Michelin and MotoGP are back on track at Brno after the summer break

Brno, paddock
photo: Spaz Genev

Michelin and the MotoGP paddock are back on the road again following the summer break as the championship heads to Brno in the Czech Republic for round 10 and the Monster Energy Grand Prix České Republiky.

Brno, paddock
photo: Spaz Genev

Brno is a technically demanding track which features downhill hard-braking zones

They need good stability from the front tyres and high acceleration areas, where rear grip is essential for the riders to put down the full power of their MotoGP machines. The 5,403m circuit demands specific tyres to get the best from its medium abrasive surface. The soft, medium and hard Michelin Power Slicks will be an ideal match to cope with the requirements.

The front slicks will all be a symmetrical tyre. The rears feature an asymmetric design. This is required despite the track having an almost uniform layout of six left turns and eight right-handers built throughout the natural contours of the Moravian countryside. But the speed that the riders carry through the right-handers means greater stresses are put on that side of the tyre lap-after-lap. That means a need for a harder compound on the right. It has to give the riders the optimum performance throughout race distance.

photo: Michelin

Racing has been taking place at Brno since the 1930s

Initially, it took place on roads in-and-around the city and through surrounding villages and countryside. In recent times races are on the Masaryk Circuit, which dates back from the 1980s. Its racing heritage now sees Brno as second to only Assen in The Netherlands as the track which has staged the most motorcycle Grand Prix events. It is more famous as Autodromo Brno. The circuit is in the south-east of the Czech Republic and woodland surrounds it. Thus it can also be prone to wet weather. For this possibility there is a range of Michelin Power Rain tyres. They are in soft and medium compounds for the front and rear. The rears are featuring an asymmetric design with the harder right-hand-side.

Michelin and the rest of the field will take to the track on Friday 3rd August for the first day of practice. Saturday will culminate in the qualifying session to decide grid positions for Sunday’s main event. This year’s race will be of a new duration, as Brno is one of the seven circuits designated to have laps removed. It means that the race on Sunday 5th August – which is from 14.00hrs local time (13.00hrs BST, 12.00hrs GMT) – will be 21-laps in length this year. The race was 22 laps as in previous seasons.

photo: Spaz Genev
Piero Taramasso – Michelin Motorsport Two-Wheel Manager:

“Brno is a very demanding circuit and one that requires the upmost respect. It is built in a natural bowl on the hillside. So the elevation changes are very noticeable and these give some really hard-braking areas for the riders and bikes. We have to have tyres that can give the grip and stability under heavy loads to inspire the confidence the guys need to make the most of this track. There is also a huge amount of stress placed on the tyres under acceleration. So it is essential for us to supply tyres that are ideally matched for these two extremes of functionality. We are going to Brno confident that we have a selection that will meet these needs and also supply good lap-times, as well as giving the consistency and performance that all the riders and different manufacturers are looking for over the 21-laps.”