Ricciardo: I’m just going to put the car away for a week....

Ricciardo: I’m just going to put the car away for a week. For now, vamos a la playa

Daniel Ricciardo
photo: Charles Coates/Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull concluded a tough weekend at the Silverstone circuit with a fifth place for Daniel Ricciardo. Max Verstappen did not finish the British Grand prix due to a mechanical problem.

Daniel Ricciardo

“The first lap was fun and a bit crazy for sure, I don’t know what happened to Lewis [Hamilton] but I saw he was turned around. Then with Max and Kimi [Raikkonen], we had some good battles. The re-starts were intense but we just didn’t have the speed on the straights to do much and behind Ferrari and Mercedes we were just too slow. I think the car in clear air was pretty good, particularly in the second stint on the medium tyre when we were able to pull away from Kimi a bit and then start catching Max. The team then pulled the trigger on a two-stop strategy for me and then the safety car came out.”

“We just got unlucky and lost track position”

“We tried at the end to pass [Valtteri] Bottas as he was struggling more with the tyres but as soon as I got really close to him I felt like my tyres were the same age as his, you just lose the downforce and really struggle. It was a bit like last week following Kimi and I really needed him to make a mistake, otherwise on the straights, even with DRS they have a lot more power.”

“I guess since Monaco we haven’t really had things going our way. I’ll still take the Monaco win but I don’t want that to be the last hurrah. I’m very excited to have a week off now, I like racing but I’m just going to put the car away for a week, let it think about itself and then come back in Germany (laughs). I might feed it some Schnitzel in Germany, maybe I said something wrong to the car. But for now, vamos a la playa.”

Max Verstappen

“It’s not a nice way to finish the triple-header but luckily last week was good and the two weeks before were also positive. That’s racing sometimes. I’ve had it many times before and for sure it will happen also in the future, but of course, I wish I would have finished fifth or at least collected some points. Because now we have nothing. It was quite weird because on lap one I had a brake-by-wire issue, the pedal fell to the floor in Turn 3 but then it recovered and everything was going fine after that. Then after the second safety car, I braked for Turn 16 and the pedal literally went to the floor, the rear brakes locked up and I spun off the track. We will now start to investigate what actually happened.”

“Even without the brake issue we were just too slow on the straights to do anything today, you could see it even with Daniel when he was attacking Bottas; when we open the DRS we are the same speed as them without DRS, so you just cannot do anything. I think so far this season I have actually been okay with the reliability of our car, so it’s just a shame that it happened here. When you know you have a difficult weekend, you, of course, want to take some points back home. But one positive aspect of the weekend is that I think we actually have a good car.”