The Marquardt and Andretti sprint interview: Quick questions – quick answers

The Marquardt and Andretti sprint interview: Quick questions – quick answers

BMW Motorsport, Jens Marquardt, Michael Andretti

BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt and MS&AD Andretti Formula E CEO Michael Andretti answer quick questions.

What is the biggest challenge you face running a racing team?

Andretti: “Having the right people in the right positions.”

Marquardt: “And then keeping them motivated, sharp and ensuring their hearts are in it – through the good times and the bad.”

What job would you do, if you were not in motor racing?

Andretti: “Honestly? I have no idea. Really don’t know what I would do. I am very lucky to be able to do what I love.”

Marquardt: “I would probably be a teacher.”

Which is your favourite racetrack?

Andretti: “Spa is my favourite racetrack.”

Marquardt: “I agree. It is a manly track. Michael knows it as a racing driver, I know it as an engineer. It is a natural track, and a real challenge for every driver.”

What is your biggest success to date?

Andretti: “When I came back from Formula 1 and won the very first IndyCar race back in Australia. That was a big moment for me.”

Marquardt: “Obviously 2012, when we returned to the DTM with BMW and won all three championships in the first year back.”

Which is your favourite car, or racing car?

Andretti: “Racing car… I would have to say the Lotus 79, with which my father won the Formula 1 World Championship. That car was just beautiful.”

Marquardt: “I would rather go for a road car: the BMW 507.”

Who, in your opinion, is the best racing driver you know?

Andretti: “My father, Mario, was always my hero. Nobody has achieved what he has achieved: winning in every category he has driven in. I don’t think that will ever be repeated.”

Marquardt: “For me, it is Jackie Stewart. I have met him a few times, and was very impressed with how reserved he was.”

Which is your favourite airport?

Andretti: “Indianapolis.”

Marquardt: “Munich. I associate it with home.”

What is the most important thing in life?

Marquardt: “Two things: health and happiness.”

Andretti: “I agree.”

V8 or BMW eDrive?

Marquardt: “That’s very easy: today V8, tomorrow eDrive.”

Andretti: “Nice answer.”

Steak or fish?

Marquardt and Andretti (simultaneous): “Steak!”

Suit or hoodie?

Andretti: “Hoodie.”

Marquardt: “Politically correct answer: suit. Private answer: hoodie.”

Travel by plane or car?

Andretti: “That is easy: plane.”

Marquardt: “That depends on the distance. Within Germany and neighbouring countries, I obviously prefer our BMW vehicles. The plane then comes into play on long journeys.”

Champagne or beer?

Andretti: “Depends on the situation.”

Marquardt: “Mineral water, if I am driving.”

Andretti: “Another clever answer …”

Marquardt: “Beer on normal days, champagne when I am celebrating a win with Michael.”

Top speed or balance?

Andretti: “Balance.”

Marquardt: “Top speed.”

Le Mans or Nordschleife?

Andretti: “Le Mans.”

Marquardt: “Nordschleife. Even Le Mans cannot top that.”

Stairs or elevator?

Andretti: “Stairs.”

Marquardt: “Stairs.”

Fastest lap or pole position?

Andretti: “Pole position.”

Marquardt: “Pole position.”

Blockbuster or theatre?

Andretti: “Theatre.”

Marquardt: “Theatre.”

Metallica or Madonna?

Andretti and Marquardt (simultaneously, laughing): “Metallica!”

Baseball or soccer?

Marquardt: “Soccer, by a mile.”

Andretti: “Oh goodness, I guess soccer.”

Diving or hiking?

Marquardt: “Definitely hiking. I don’t like diving.”

Andretti: “Hiking for me too.”

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