MINI Yours Customised: From the original to the personalised unique special

MINI Yours Customised: From the original to the personalised unique special

MINI Yours Customised

Individualisation typical of MINI reaches a new level. The British premium automobile manufacturer uses MINI Yours Customised to offer its customers the opportunity of providing selected upgrade products with a design they have selected themselves. They can then transform their own vehicle into a personally styled customised special. The innovative package will become available in the course of 2018 for lots of MINI models in Europe and other large markets. The MINI Yours Customised product range will include the indicator inlays known as side scuttles, trims for the passenger side in the interior, LED door sills and LED door projectors.

Customers can select, design and order the upgrade parts available in the product range of MINI Yours Customised at the new Online Shop

This shop is especially for the new package. Then the production department uses innovative procedures such as 3D printing and laser lettering to create the individual products. The advanced production process permits precise implementation of customer’s wishes. Delivery of the individual products happens within the space of just a few weeks. The customer can go through the process more than once. This way the individual components can change in case of selling the vehicle later.

MINI as a pioneer for individualisation, digitalisation and 3D printing

The product range will again make the British brand a pioneer and trendsetter in the area of customer services. The MINI community has always valued highly individualisation. The exceptionally large diversity of special equipment and original MINI accessories already provides customers today with comprehensive opportunities to define unmistakable accents when designing their MINI. Designing a vehicle receives now a further enhancement to include a creative interaction between the manufacturer and the customer. In this process, MINI offers the customer an opportunity to select between different options and integrates them actively in the design process while retaining the typical MINI language of design.

MINI fans are able to make a selection of different colours, patterns, surface finishes and icons when designing MINI Yours Customised products. They can also integrate their own texts and their signature into the design. This unparalleled freedom of design allows customers to transform their MINI into a unique special defined by their personal style and their own creativity. Customers can also modify their design at any time to match a change in their aspirations and adopt fresh ideas.

Configuration happens in an Online Shop for the new product range

The integrated user-friendly and flexible Customiser is the innovative centrepiece of the webshop. It has a completely new design, structure and programming.  The customer saves his designs, which go through a transfer into a digital form. Data goes directly to the appropriate production facility after the process completion.

For example, the digitally controlled 3D printer will receive instructions on the basis of this data created. Then it produces scuttles and trims in precisely the form. All MINI Yours Customised products will be produced at production facilities in Germany.

The 3D printers used in this process are all highly professional production facilities with a precise configuration for this purpose by the BMW Group through strategic partnerships with the companies Hewlett-Packard Inc., Carbon Inc. and EOS GmbH. This is the first time that they have been in a position to supply the particularly high-grade plastic qualities selected for the MINI Yours Customised programme. The computer-based laser lettering for production of the door sill with customer-specific styling has also been designed specifically to match the stringent product-quality guidelines of MINI. As a result, all MINI Yours Customised products are in conformity with the same high standards of form, functionality and safety as the components supplied from the factory in the original MINI range of accessories.

Online configuration: templates and design worlds as a platform for the boundless creativity of MINI customers

Customer orientation and ease of use were the foremost considerations when designing the Online Shop. The user receives guidance through the individual operating stages while creating their personal design. They have free rein to their creativity within this framework. For example, the side scuttles and the trims can be designed with colours, surface finishes and patterns in any sequence. Finishes and patterns are variable in scale and can be scaled to meet your requirements.

The user also receives a list of design worlds from which he can choose colours and specific icons. The size can vary and the features can have a free configuration within the design field. The design worlds comprise icons from contexts such as travel, active leisure activities, and the rich and varied history of the MINI. In addition, users are provided with a text field which they can fill in, scale and position. There is space for creative expression here in order to immortalise information like the name of the driver, passenger or vehicle, as well as a personal message in the design of the MINI Yours Customised product. Right up to the configuration completion, users can move effortlessly between the individual selection steps in order to perfectly match up colours, patterns, icons and lettering.

A range of different colours, patterns and icons from the individual design worlds is also available for designing the illuminated door sills and the LED door projectors

These design features can be supplemented by text that can be freely formulated in a dedicated field. This provides an unlimited number of different versions. Combinations of colours, patterns, icons and lettering create a personal signature. It expresses the attitude, individual interests and lifestyle of the MINI driver.

If customers want to further enhance their fun with creative design, they can share their own designs with other users by screenshot and link for design in social media.  This is how additional inspiration is created within the MINI community. If issues come up during the configuration process, users can phone or e-mail the experts at the call centre established specifically for the MINI Yours Customised programme at any time.

MINI side scuttles customised: Maximum diversity of colours, finishes, patterns, icons and lettering

The rims for the side indicator inlays known as side scuttles are manufactured in a 3D procedure. Then painted in the colour shade desired by the customer – Aspen White matt, Chili Red matt, Jet Black matt, Melting Silver matt or White Silver matt. A choice of surface finishes and patterns is also available for individual configuration. Each of these options is scalable. Icons from four design worlds and a field for freely formulated texts complete the options for individual design. It is also possible to provide the side scuttle with different designs for the left and right side of the vehicle – for example the name of the driver and passenger.

MINI trim customised: Lots of space for creativity in the interior

The trim from the MINI Yours Customised programme is also produced in a professional 3D printing procedure. It is the perfect identification feature for creativity in the interior of the MINI 3-door, MINI 5-door or MINI convertible automobiles in the current model generation. The trim replaces the factory one. If necessary, the trim can be exchanged at any time with another individually designed version. A prerequisite for this is the upgrading of the vehicle with an appropriate base.

A choice of colours – Aspen White matt, Chili Red matt, Starlight Blue matt, Moonwalk Grey matt, Jet Black matt – available. A large selection of surface finishes, graphic patterns and icons from different theme worlds create additional opportunities for individual styling.

MINI LED door trims Customised: Welcome to the personally designed MINI

The illuminated door trims from the MINI Yours Customised programme serve as an eye-catcher. The design options give customers a choice between the versions brushed and black aluminium and between several scalable basic patterns. Customers can also add icons from different design worlds. The MINI driver can also literally leave their own creative signature behind on this MINI Yours Customised product.

High-quality laser technology inscribes the customer’s design. There is a supply of individually configurable door sills. The MINI LED door trims and passenger doors have LED illumination without any wiring. A magnetic switch activates their illumination field. This happens when somebody opens a door. This is part of the scope of supply as are button batteries for power supply. There are two reserve batteries and the necessary assembly and dismantling tools. The door trims for the rear have no illumination. During the configuration process, the customer has the option of designing each of the two or four-door trims independently.

MINI LED Door Projector Customised: strong signal for individuality

The door projectors from MINI Yours Customised provide another impressive and inimitable feature. The user can create additional individualisation by adding icons from several design worlds, as well as text and signature in separate application steps. There is also an option of configuring a different design for the driver and passenger side.

The LED door projectors fit vehicles of the current MINI generation as well as predecessor models. The prerequisite is that they already have door projectors or door entry lights. If the vehicles have door projectors, the customized product simply replace the existing slides. The scope of supply for all other vehicles includes slides and projectors to replace the door entry lights. In both cases, assembly consists of a few simple steps.