World Motor Sport Council decisions

World Motor Sport Council decisions

World Motor Sport Council, WMSC, FIA

The FIA World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) confirmed calendars. It also took further decisions concerning the governed by the federation world championships.

(Decisions summary)

FIA Formula One World Championship

The council approved several amendments to the Sporting and Technical Regulations 2018. These included:

  • Regulations relating to procedures for starting or resuming a race behind the safety car
  • Changing the event timetable to increase flexibility
  • Ensuring that testing of previous cars may only take place on tracks currently holding an FIA Grade 1 or 1T licence
  • Provision for demonstration events in previous cars which does not constitute testing. No such demonstrations may exceed 50km in length and teams may use only tyres manufactured specifically for this purpose
  • Changes to ensure that oil cannot be used as fuel
  • Introduction of a detailed specification for oil
  • A minimum weight and volume for energy storage (batteries)
  • Changes to position of cameras and wing mirrors to accommodate the Halo
A change to the power unit penalty system was also approved

If a driver incurs a penalty exceeding 15 grid places he will start the race from the back of the starting grid. If more than one driver receives such a penalty, the grid order will be according to the order in which the offences were committed.

The World Council looked through the report on the security incidents that occurred at this year’s Brazilian Grand Prix which the Commercial Rights Holder (CRH) requested by the FIA. The CRH recommended that the promoter, who is responsible for the security of the event, retains an independent security expert to evaluate and advise on security plans, implements a police reporting hub at the circuit and improves overall communication between the promoter security, police and F1 stakeholders. The World Council strongly urged the promoter to implement these recommendations and improve the situation ahead of next year’s event. The FIA will offer to participate in discussions with the local authorities and closely monitor the situation.

The 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship Calendar is confirmed as:
25 March Australia Melbourne
08 April Bahrain Bahrain
15 April China Shanghai
29 April Azerbaijan Baku
13 May Spain Barcelona
27 May Monaco Monte Carlo
10 June Canada Montreal
24 June France Le Castellet
01 July Austria Spielberg
08 July United Kingdom Silverstone
22 July Germany Hockenheim
29 July Hungary Budapest
26 August Belgium Spa-Francorchamps
02 September Italy Monza
16 September Singapore Singapore
30 September Russia Sochi
07 October Japan Suzuka
21 October USA Austin*
28 October Mexico Mexico City
11 November Brazil Sao Paolo
25 November United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi

*Subject to ASN approval

FIA World Rally Championship

From 2018, private teams or individual drivers will have permission to enter 2017 specification World Rally Cars on WRC events, without the obligation to be manufacturer entries. Such entries will remain subject to the approval of the FIA Rally Department, and specific restrictions on testing will apply.

The FIA confirms DMACK, Michelin and Pirelli as the nominated tyre suppliers for the 2018 FIA World Rally Championship.

The FIA WRC 2 Championship will consist of seven events, with the best six scores counting towards the title. However, there will no longer be mandatory rallies.

From next season, driver entries with R5 cars who are not registered in the FIA WRC 2 Championship, or who have not been entered by a registered WRC 2 Team during the year, may use any tyre brand, including those not nominated by the FIA for the WRC. This will ensure more local drivers have the possibility to compete in WRC events.

There will be no WRC Trophy title from 2018, although 2016 World Rally Cars remain eligible for the Championship.

The calendar for the 2018 FIA World Rally Championship is:
26‐28 January Monaco Rally of Monte Carlo
16‐18 February Sweden Rally of Sweden
09‐11 March Mexico Rally of Mexico
06‐08 April France Rally of France‐Tour de Corse
27‐29 April Argentina Rally of Argentina
18‐20 May Portugal Rally of Portugal
08‐10 June Italy Rally of Italy
27‐29 July Finland Rally of Finland
17‐19 August Germany Rally of Germany
14‐16 September Turkey Rally of Turkey
05‐07 October Great Britain Rally of Great‐Britain
26‐28 October Spain Rally of Spain
16‐18 November Australia Rally of Australia

World Endurance Championship

There will be the following four World Championship titles: for LMP Drivers, for LMP1 Teams, for LMGTE Drivers, for LMGTE Manufacturers.

There will be the following Trophies: to the best LMP2 team, the best LMGTE AM team, the best LMP2 driver(s), the best LMGTE AM driver(s).

Changes to the Sporting and Technical Regulations:
  • Hybrid and non-hybrid LMP1 cars will now compete together
  • A series of proposals to homogenise the performance of the hybrid LMP1s and non-hybrid LMP1s
  • Modification of the allocation of points for the 24 Hours of Le Mans and for the 1500 Miles of Sebring as follows: 1500 Miles of Sebring (32 points, +25% in relation to a 6-hour race), 24 Hours of Le Mans (points reduced from 50 to 38 points; +50% in relation to a 6-hour race).
  • Update of the regulations regarding the pit lane. They will allow tyre changes and other work (such as bodywork cleaning or brake checks) during refuelling
  • The World Champion title from now on goes to a team of the LMP1 category and no longer to a manufacturer
  • The entry fee for the LMP1 class will be €310,000
The 2018/19 FIA World Endurance Championship Calendar is:
05 May Belgium WEC 6 Hours of Spa‐Francorchamps*
16‐17 June France Le Mans 24 Hours*
19 August Great Britain 6 Hours of Silverstone*
21 October Japan 6 Hours of Fuji*
18 November China 6 Hours of Shanghai*
16‐17 March (2019) USA 1500 Miles of Sebring *
04 May (2019) Belgium WEC 6 Hours of Spa‐Francorchamps*
15‐16 June (2019) France 24 Hours of Le Mans *

*Subject to ASN confirmation


**Subject to circuit homologation

FIA World Rallycross Championship

Several measures have been approved for the 2018 World RX to better control costs. These include new limitations on engines, turbos, tyres, gearbox ratios and aerodynamic devices.

The 2018 FIA World Rallycross Championship calendar is:
13‐15 April Spain Barcelona
27‐29 April Portugal Montalegre**
10‐13 May Belgium Mettet**
25‐27 May Great Britain Silverstone*/**
07‐10 June Norway Hell‐Lanke**
28 June ‐ 01 July Sweden Höljes
03‐05 August Canada Trois‐Rivières**
30 August ‐ 02 September France Lohéac
14‐16 September Latvia Riga
28‐30 September USA Austin*/**
12‐14 October Germany Buxtehude**
23‐25 November South Africa Cape Town*/**

*Subject to ASN confirmation

**Subject to circuit homologation

FIA Formula E Championship

The 2017-18 FIA Formula E Championship has already begun, with two races taking place in 2017. There has been an amendment to the calendar which was approved by the World Council, with the event in Sao Paulo, Brazil replaced by Punta del Este, Uruguay. The full calendar, with the championship resuming in 2018, is:

02 December 2017 China Hong Kong
03 December 2017 China Hong Kong
13 January 2018 Morocco Marrakech
03 February 2018 Chile Santiago de Chile*/**
03 March 2018 Mexico Mexico City
17 March 2018 Uruguay Punta del Este*/**
14 April 2018 Italy Rome**
28 April 2018 France Paris
19 May 2018 Germany Berlin
10 June 2018 Switzerland Zurich*/**
14 July 2018 USA New York
15 July 2018 USA New York
28 July 2018 Canada Montreal
29 July 2018 Canada Montreal

*Subject to ASN confirmation

**Subject to circuit homologation

WTCR replaces WTCC and TCR from 2018

The next World Motor Sport Council will meet on 9 March in Geneva