Graham Carroll joins DS Virgin Racing for the Las Vegas eRace

Graham Carroll joins DS Virgin Racing for the Las Vegas eRace


DS Virgin Racing travels to Las Vegas in January 2017 to take part in Formula E’s virtual eRace. The event takes place during the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show. It is the biggest eSports event of its kind in history, with a $1M prize pot.

The event will take place on January 7th. It sees all 20 Formula E drivers plus ten professional gamers go head to head in a series of qualifying rounds in the same style as conventional Formula E events. Following that, the eRace proper will see a combination of twenty Formula E drivers and gamers compete for the prize pool.

The gamers went through a series of Road To Vegas online elimination rounds. The Formula E teams have now ‘adopted’ a gamer each. Whilst not formally attached to the team, the gamers will be wearing team kit and colours. DS Virgin Racing’s allotted driver is Graham Carroll.

Graham Carroll is in addition to being a professional gamer, a professional driver also. Racing in Formula Ford, he won the 2015 Walter Hayes Trophy, having returned to motorsport following a 7 year hiatus. Previous to this, he podiumed 7 times in the same series in 2008.

Currently in 1st position on the qualification leaderboard, Carroll represents a huge opportunity in coaching Formula E drivers Sam Bird and Jose Maria Lopez

Carroll spent half a week with DS Virgin Racing driver Sam Bird. The pair trained together in Carroll’s team simulator based in Gatwick. Then they flew to DS Virgin Racing’s base in Satory, Versailles, to work together on the simulator there.

Speaking of his experience, Graham said: “It’s fascinating to experience the contrast in driving feel between a gaming simulator and a ‘real driver’ simulator like DS Virgin Racing’s set up in Satory. I feel there’s a lot both gamers and drivers can learn from each other hopefully in time for Las Vegas!”

Sam Bird echoed the sentiment: “The major challenge with gaming, from a driver’s perspective, is learning to operate in a kind of vacuum. The car can’t speak to you. The track doesn’t move underneath you, so it’s about learning to take your cues purely from the visual.”

The eRace in Las Vegas will use the same Playseat and rFactor 2 set up as seen during the Formula E eRaces at tracks during the season.

The Vegas event will also feature a Formula E development car demo run down the iconic Las Vegas Strip

Formula E have asked DS Virgin Racing Driver Sam Bird to drive the car during the run, which takes place on Wed 4th January at 2200 local time.

In between training, Graham Carroll met with Team Principal Alex Tai over dinner in London. “We’re delighted to have Graham joining us for this innovative new chapter of Formula E.” Alex said. “1,1 billion people worldwide now engage with eSports. Who knows how many potential stars are out there who simply haven’t had the financial means or opportunities to foster their skill set? Perhaps motorsport’s next star won’t be discovered behind the wheel of a physical car.”

Speaking of his attachment to the team, Graham Carroll said: “I still can’t believe it. One minute I’m sitting in the loft of my house, messing about in an online game, and next I’m sat with the Team Principal of my favourite Formula E team, discussing strategies for Las Vegas. I couldn’t be more excited!”