Brembo Brake Facts – Malaysia GP

Brembo Brake Facts – Malaysia GP


The Malaysian Grand prix is the 16th round from the 2016 FIA Formula One championship. Brembo previews its challenges and Sebastian Vettel adds his memories and expectations.

The hardest braking point on the Sepang International Circuit lies after the long straight ahead of turn one. The Formula One drivers have to brake hard, slowing by 243 km/h over just 141 metres in under 1.6 seconds. The calculated braking energy here is 2,828 kW. The driver is subjected to 5.4g and yet has to push with 155 kg onto the brake.

“Malaysia is usually the hottest race of the season” explains Sebastian Vettel, on the eve of a race which one year ago delivered his maiden victory with the Scuderia. “ We did very well last year, so we’ll try to repeat what we did. For sure the first win with Ferrari was very emotional and very special. We had a great race and a fun night after that. So, I have good memories and I am looking forward to going back to Malaysia and hit the track.”

“I think it’s very challenging. You have a lot of high-speed corners. It’s very tough on tires because usually it’s so hot. There are chances of rain at some point of the race. There are thunderstorms there nearly every day. It’s not easy to get everything right but if you do it, it feels great. It’s one of those places that challenges you. But if you get on top of it it’s a great feeling that we had last year and obviously the target is to have it again.”