Hamilton wants to clinch the title with a win in Mexico

Hamilton wants to clinch the title with a win in Mexico

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton, Photo: Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton wants to clinch his fifth world title with a victory in the Mexican Grand Prix. Hamilton is 70 points ahead of Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel with only 75 available in the final three races. Last year, Hamilton clinched the title in Mexico with a 9th-place finish. Now he needs 7th place.

“It’s an added bonus to an already great year when you do win the race to get the title. My goal is to try to win the race this weekend, the champion said. – You are in a different place each time you get an opportunity to win it. Each is special in its own way. Just winning the title has always been the goal.

The first one felt incredibly hard [to win] but from then on it’s got harder and harder. I would say this one has been one of my most enjoyable years with the things I’ve been faced with so if I were to win the title it would be one I would probably be most proud of and be able to appreciate most.”

Hamilton revealed that his struggles in the race last weekend in Austin, Texas. They were partly by the team making an error in the set-up of both Mercedes cars when they put them back together after changing their water pumps before the race.

“They took the car apart and when they put it back together, it was imbalanced, with a massive cross-weight, in the order of 50kg, he said.

– So the right front and left rear take all the weight and the car would not turn through the left-hand corners.

It felt very strange out there. I thought I had a massive tail wind or something when I was going through places like Turn 19. But the right-handers it was better, but there are not a lot of right-handers at that track. If we had not had that problem, it would have been a much different race.”