There was nothing wrong with the car, but we just weren’t very...

There was nothing wrong with the car, but we just weren’t very fast enough, Vettel says

Sebastian Vettel
photo: Ferrari

The qualifying session in Sochi ended with P3 and P4 for Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen respectively. Both drivers used two sets of Hypersoft tyres for their Q3 runs but managed to make the cut in Q2 with the Options (Ultrasoft), which will be the ones they start on tomorrow, thus being able to count on running a longer first stint for the 53-lap race.

Sebastian Vettel

I think the car today was better than yesterday. The session was fine, and I think we could use our car to its full potential, there was nothing wrong with it, but we just weren’t very fast enough. Nevertheless, the race is tomorrow, and if I can bring the good feeling I had towards the end of the session into the race, then I think we are in a good position. For sure, I want to do everything well and I think that there is a chance to overtake after the start. We need a good getaway-but not too good, otherwise, you end up giving the other guy a tow!

Kimi Raikkonen

Today In qualifying our car was the best we have seen this weekend. On my last attempt in Q3 I had a pretty good lap going, but then one of the Mercedes backed off in front of me and the lap did not come together. The feeling with the car was pretty good, but obviously, it was not enough. Overall, It looks like we are a bit behind here, and it has been like this all weekend so far. Obviously, it’s not ideal, but it is what it is. This is not an easy place to overtake, but tomorrow we’ll do our best and see what happens.