Funny smash ‘n’ crab for Daniel and Max ahead of the Singapore...

Funny smash ‘n’ crab for Daniel and Max ahead of the Singapore Grand prix

Daniel Riccardo, Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen had to dig deep in Singapore to overcome his dislike of seafood in the latest Dine and Whine challenge. Meanwhile, Daniel Ricciardo was his usual smiley self during the challenge.

Last year saw Verstappen and Ricciardo break open South East Asia’s noxious-smelling delicacy durian fruit. This time around, the duo had an altogether different task at Marina Bay. It included chilli crab’s base ingredient mud crab chosen as their challenge.

First durian, now crabs – Red Bull does not let its drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen to rest

After resisting the urge to fill a bucket when faced with the durian fruit, Verstappen faced another big test as his dislike of seafood is well known in the team.

Both drivers were fitted with a pair of gloves and goggles, then charged with extracting as much meat as possible from the mud crab to win this latest test.

As expected Verstappen turned a deep shade of green, while Ricciardo wielded his hammer with gleeful abandon to smash through the claws and legs in front of him.

photos: Chee Boon Pin/Red Bull Content Pool