Raikkonen launches his biography

Raikkonen launches his biography

Kimi Raikkonen
Photo: Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen attended a special launch event for the Ferrari star’s biography, released today.

As one of Finland’s biggest sports stars, media attention in the country is very much focused on the Raikkonens today.

Both Kimi and his wife Minttu are in attendance at the Restaurant Wallis in Helsinki where a live press event is taking place and being streamed by Finnish broadcaster MTV3.

As F1 eldest driver, and one of the most experienced, Kimi Raikkonen remains a firm fan favourite. It’s due to his idiosyncratic personality and refusal to conform to expected Formula 1 driver behaviour.

Entering Formula 1 with just 23 car races under his belt and immediately attracting the attention of Ferrari & McLaren.

Replacing the World Champion Mika Hakkinen after just 1 season, he drove a lot of machinery. V10s, V8s, the current era Hybrids, as well as for big names such as McLaren, Ferrari, Sauber & Lotus.

As Ferrari’s most recent World Champion, Raikkonen remains incredibly popular. And while his career is very much in his twilight years, he remains at the pinnacle of performance in the sport. He authorised Finnish author Kari Hotakainen to write an intimate biography about his life

With the Finnish language edition now released, the english language translation is due out through Simon & Schuster on October 18th, the day before Raikkonen’s 39th birthday.

Kimi Raikkonen
Kimi Raikkonen