Consistency has to be the key, Alonso says

Consistency has to be the key, Alonso says

Fernando Alonso

The McLaren team had second consecutive double points finish in the Bahrain Grand prix and now Fernando Alonso says he is excited to go to China. The third round of the 2018 Formula 1 world championship is going to take place this weekend on the Shanghai International Circuit.

“After a couple of positive results, I’m excited to go to China. Turn One in Shanghai is one of the best corners of the calendar and it’s a great track to race on for a driver”, Alonso explained

“For us, consistency has to be the key. We’ve been able to pull everything together on a Sunday so far – a combination of both hard work and good fortune – but we haven’t given ourselves the best chances on Saturday, so it’s important we pull the whole package together.”

“It won’t happen overnight, but we know where our issues lie and we know that we need to work hard to overcome them as soon as possible. In the meantime, we’ll be pushing hard in China, as always, and continue our fight to the front of the midfield pack.”

Stoffel Vandoorne had his first experience in China last year

“And, although the race was short-lived for both of us, I did enjoy racing there. As we saw last year, the weather in Shanghai can be unpredictable. If we can continue our good momentum in terms of putting together a good strategy and taking every opportunity where we can, rain could be a fun addition to our race weekend. But, we know it’s a tough circuit for our package and we need to maximise every session, every day, to give ourselves the best chance of a good result. We can’t be on the back foot on Sunday and it’s important we do as much learning as we can on Friday to enable us to fight for representative positions on the grid on Saturday afternoon”, the Belgian explained.