Red Bull drivers’ guide to Austin and Mexico

Red Bull drivers’ guide to Austin and Mexico

US Grand prix, COTA, Red Bull
US Grand prix, COTA

Red Bull drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen talk about Austin and Mexico. The next two rounds from the Formula One World Championship will be held there

Daniel Ricciardo

“The track in Austin is sick, I love it. It has a lot of unique features like the wide apex at turn one. You could fit about four cars side by side through there. There are loads of opportunities to overtake and have fun throughout the whole track. It has fast flowing sections and hairpins, pretty much everything I like in a track. Austin city is also awesome, I really like its character. It’s raw and authentic which makes it cool without trying to be. The old school bars and music venues which are super cool just makes it work. Pete’s Piano bar and Rainey Street has a lot of local music which is a really nice vibe and I want to check out Hotel Vegas this year.”

“Last year in Mexico it was quite challenging, the surface was so new it meant grip levels were really low. This year should be a bit more fun with a bit more feeling. The track has some really cool sections, driving slow through the stadium bits means you can feel the atmosphere from the fans. Last year it was the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) festival so we went out on the Sunday after the race. We had a meal and everyone was dressed up in the skulls, it felt like we were in a movie. For me, having Austin and Mexico as a back to back is great because they are two of the most hospitable places we go and really cool to spend time there.”

Mexico, Mexican Grand prix
Max Verstappen

“The COTA track is very special. It’s a new track but with a lot of old school corners in it (but with more run off) which makes it really cool to drive. Turn 1 has such a big radius it gives a lot of overtaking opportunities. Then the whole of the first sector has the S’s, it’s a bit like Silverstone or Suzuka. It is a really fun circuit to race. I had a good look around Austin last year and really liked it. I love America in general, the people are so friendly and I always feel comfortable and relaxed there. Burgers and meat, it is so good there. Probably I’ll be a bit careful to watch my weight as you can eat so well in Austin. I am sure I will find time for a nice steak though.

“The circuit in Mexico is interesting, it’s still really new, they had only just finished it when we went there in 2015. Hopefully when we go there this year the grip will have improved and the lap times will be faster. The fans are really passionate in Mexico, a lot came to the race last year so it will be good to see them out in force again this year. Last year I didn’t get any chance to look around at all, I want to taste some authentic food and see some sights this year.”

Mexican Grand prix
Mexican Grand prix