Red Bull expects to close further the gap to the front

Red Bull expects to close further the gap to the front


Christian Horner and the brains behind Red Bull F1 team give an insight into their hopes for the upcoming 2017 season.

“We are like a swan on the surface and paddling furiously underneath but that is the same as every preseason so generally we are on target”, Team Principal Horner said.

In terms of dynamic driver duo Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen, he added: “They are both ferocious racers. I don’t think there are drivers out there who are better overtakers than our guys. They revel in being Grand Prix drivers and having fun along the way. There is a big brother little brother mentality going on.”

As for the future of the sport in the wake of the recent takeover by Liberty Media, Horner said: “Perhaps we need to think a little less about technology and a little bit more about ultimate chariot racing that Formula 1 should be.”

Looking at the new 2017 technical regulations, Red Bull Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey claimed:

“The biggest set of regulation changes since 2009. The flow structures are similar, but very different in the detail”

Head of Aerodynamics Dan Fallows said:

“We get more freedom in terms of areas of the car that can deliver quite a bit of performance.”

“The car is expected to be between three and five seconds a lap faster. Most of that gain will come through cornering speeds. There the increased downforce on the car will mean the car will go around the corners quicker”, Chief Engineering Officer Rob Marshall explained.

Chief Engineer Pierre Wache said: “As an engineer, the 2017 regulation changes are more exciting. You have to try and optimise the performance of the car with something you don’t know.”