Thierry Koskas becomes president of Renault Sport Racing

Thierry Koskas becomes president of Renault Sport Racing

Thierry Koskas
photo: Renault

After a season marked by the progress of the Renault Sport Formula One Team, Thierry Koskas will become the president of Renault Sport Racing. He will aim to continue the work with Cyril Abiteboul, Managing Director of Renault Sport Racing. Jérôme Stoll started that work as the aim is to bring the team to the highest level of the discipline. Koskas will also ensure the strengthening of Formula 1’s contribution to Renault’s brand awareness worldwide.

Thierry Koskas graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole des Mines de Paris

He spent seven years as a civil servant while working in Ministry of Industry and as advisor to the Minister of Agriculture. After that, he joined Renault in 1997 as Manager of the New Distribution project. In 1998, Koskas became General Manager of Renault London City Branch. In 2000 came the appointment as Managing Director of Renault Hungary. He returned to Renault headquarters as Vice President of Sales Forecasting and Programming in 2002.

In 2006, he was appointed as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Asia and Africa Region. And in 2009, Koskas took the job of a Program Director, Electric Vehicles, where he led the development of Renault’s zero emission line. Thierry Koskas has also been in charge of operations of Renault in Argentina from late 2012 until 2015.

On January 1st, 2016, Thierry Koskas became Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Groupe Renault. He also got an appointment to the Renault Executive Committee. As of January 1, 2019, he will be President of Renault Sport Racing.