Verstappen does not agree with his Monza penalty

Verstappen does not agree with his Monza penalty

Max Verstappen
photo: Spas Genev

Max Verstappen finished third in the Italian Grand prix but was demoted to fifth following a five-second time penalty for causing a collision with Valtteri Bottas. His Red Bull teammate Daniel Ricciardo did not manage to get to the finish because of a clutch problem.

Max Verstappen

“I think if you look at the car performance, we’ve done a really good job in being that competitive on this track. I don’t think it could have been better for us and finishing third on the road was a good result. Unfortunately, we had a penalty and I was put back to fifth. I think I gave Valtteri enough space on the left so he didn’t need to go off the track. The rule says that as long as you give the other driver a car width space, it should be enough. That’s what I did, but he clipped my wheel at Turn 1 and he had to go straight on.”

“I don’t agree with the penalty, but the decision is taken and we can’t do anything about it”

“Of course, after I heard about the penalty I was even more determined to keep my track position. I’ve tried to do the best race I could. And I had to fight hard for it as we are so much slower on the straights. Before the race, I thought fifth would have been the best possible result for us. But after a good start and keeping the Mercedes behind, we were in third position, so I gave it everything.”

“Looking at the positives, the car was performing very well today and in terms of pace we were competitive. In general keeping a Mercedes behind you on this track is a very positive sign and hopefully, we can keep this momentum going to Singapore where our car is usually strong.”

Daniel Ricciardo

“It’s been another frustrating race for me. I passed [Lance] Stroll and looked in the mirror to see if I was clear of him but I couldn’t see that well. I then realised that was because there was a lot of smoke coming out the back of the car. And when I reported it to my engineers they asked me to stop. I feared it could have been something to do with the power unit but after we got the car back to the garage and the guys investigated, they suspect it’s a clutch issue. It’s been a frustrating period of races but hopefully, we can change some things on the car, improve the reliability and aim for the podium in Singapore.”