Force India to continue with his existing power unit allocations

Force India to continue with his existing power unit allocations

Esteban Ocon
Esteban Ocon, Photo: Force India

The FIA confirmed its decision Force India continue with its prior power unit allocations. It is despite technically entering the Formula 1 as a new entry.

Following the sale of the team’s assets and its exit from administration, Force India had to gain permission from F1’s stakeholders to re-enter the championship as a new entry. Its called Racing Point Force India starting at Spa.

Team principal Otmar Szafnauer confirmed that F1 race director Charlie Whiting had informed Force India its existing drivers, Sergio Perezand Esteban Ocon, however have to continue with their existing power unit and gearbox allocations for the season. There were suggestions they may receive a fresh raft of parts as the team is a new entry.

The stewards issued a statement on Saturday morning explaining the decision:

“The Stewards note that the matter of the number of power unit elements and gearboxes needs to be clear. But in that the current regulations do not appear to take into account the highly unusual situation. In which a team is excluded mid-season and a new team effectively ‘replaces’ it. And the drivers move from the former team to the new team,” the statement reads.

The question arises ‘do the power unit elements and gearbox numbers accumulated to date by the excluded Sahara Force India Formula 1 Team carry over to the new Racing Point Force India F1 Team? Or do they revert to zero for each of the drivers?’

The Stewards note their responsibility under Article 11.9.1 of the International Sporting Code. Where they have supreme authority for the enforcement of the Code. Under Article 1.1.1 it requires the fundamental principles of ‘…fairness’. Article 11.9.2.a of the Code empowers the Stewards to settle any matter which might arise during an event.

The Stewards consider that as the drivers have retained their respective points accumulated to date in the 2018 Events in the Championship it is both logical and fair, that the elements, units and gearboxes used by their respective cars in the excluded team, should carry forward to the new team.

Accordingly, we decide that the numbers of power unit elements and gearboxes referred to in Article 23 of the Sporting Regulations and used to date in 2018 by Sahara Force India Formula 1 Team shall carry forward to Racing Point Force India F1 Team. The Team Principal of the team publicly expressed his prior agreement with this.”