Everything we put on the car seemed to work, Vettel says

Everything we put on the car seemed to work, Vettel says

Sebastian Vettel
photo: Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel was fastest in the second practice session at the Silverstone circuit, with a time of 1:27.552, while in the other SF71H, Kimi Raikkonen was fourth in 1:28.045 in preparation for the British Grand prix.

“The situation is difficult to judge”, Vettel said

“We haven’t seen much today and mostly collected data, and also because time is limited between the two sessions. But the important thing is that we had a good Friday, everything we put on the car seemed to work, and I felt happy with the balance of the car straight away and managed to find a good rhythm from the beginning. There has been a lot of talk about the third DRS zone: it may be easier to drop the wing for us than for smaller teams, whose cars have probably less downforce, anyway we’ll see what happens in the race. I believe that most of the difference today is due to the new asphalt and… the amazing English summer!”

“It was a very normal Friday”, commented Raikkonen

“We have been trying different things and solutions and learning as much as we could. For sure there’s still some work to be done, but so far everything is ok. The resurfacing of the track made it a bit bumpy, in a few small spots, but all the time you feel it chattering all around the track. It’s a bit funny, but in the end, it’s better than it used to be. This track has many nice parts and the grip has increased with the new tarmac. I don’t know if the new DRS zone is creating overtaking opportunities: I think it depends on what your car can or can’t do. I closed the wing during practice, I think it’s too tricky to keep it open and it doesn’t really make a big difference in lap time. Now we’ll see what we can do tomorrow.”