Margot Robbie welcomes next wave in sustainable living

Margot Robbie welcomes next wave in sustainable living


Margot Robbie pulls on a wetsuit and uses her love of surfing to inspire people to live more sustainable lives in her latest film for Nissan.

The Academy-award nominated actress, producer and businesswoman is Nissan’s Electric Vehicle and Sustainability Ambassador. She has composed an open letter to encourage people to make more sustainable energy choices.

Margot, who performed the surfing sequence herself, enjoys the early morning waves. Meanwhile, she talks about creating a “better world for ourselves and everyone who comes after us”.

Currently, off-shore wind farms and solar panels account for two-thirds of new power added to the world’s grid in 2016. Margot Robbie explains that “we all have the power to make a change” while working herself on that.

Margot Robbie
photo: Nissan

Talking about the film, Margot said:

“I hope I can play a small role in inspiring people across the globe to explore alternative forms of energy and make the switch to drive a better future for everyone. The point is, we can all make a difference. And we don’t need to wait for others to do it for us.”

Gareth Dunsmore, Electric Vehicle Director, Nissan Europe said:

“Nissan is committed to pioneering a future which empowers consumers to make the right choices in how they use and store energy.

“Our LEAF and e-NV200 models are not only cleaner drives. They become mobile energy units too. The used batteries from these vehicles are put to good use as part of our xStorage energy storage solution which provides power to homes and even football stadiums across the world.”

photo: Nissan

Margot Robbie surfs while inspiring people to live more sustainable lives in her latest film for Nissan

Margot recently helped Nissan unveil its new Formula E car to a VIP crowd at an event in Los Angeles, to celebrate an exciting era for Nissan as it prepares to enter the ABB FIA Formula E Championship in the 2018/19 season.

Nissan’s global Electric Vehicle sales jumped 28% last fiscal year when LEAF confirms its position of world’s best-selling Electric Vehicle. Nissan has sold more than 320,000 LEAFs since the model was first introduced in 2010. Meanwhile, the company works further on its technologies and cars.