Raikkonen: I doubt I’ll be here for the changes in F1 so...

Raikkonen: I doubt I’ll be here for the changes in F1 so it doesn’t really bother me

Kimi Raikkonen
Photo: Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen finished third in Australia but did not want to give any predictions on where he might be this weekend in Bahrain.

“It doesn’t matter if you win or are a tenth of something; there are always things to improve or work on. Obviously, we have a very limited amount of time over the weekend to do things, with the practice, and also with the weather, it was a bit tricky. You want more, better positions, but I think we take that happily. As a team, we did a pretty job out of it. Not much to complain about really”, Raikkonen commented.

“We want to win races, but it’s the first race out and we managed to do decent points, so we go forward here, try to make a good practice. So far the car has been working well, even with pretty limited testing over the winter, with some illness and obviously the weather was not ideal on the first test, so I’m pretty OK with how things are running, so let’s just keep doing our normal things and improving.”

“To be honest we try to do our best. Sometimes it works; sometimes not and obviously, you start where you qualify. If it’s a good place or not that great you try to make the best out of it. Another weekend where we try to do a good job and be up there and see where we end up. It’s a bit unknown. This is a completely different circuit to the previous two where we’ve been in Barcelona and Australia – so yeah, we have to see how everything plans out and where we are, where others are – but it’s been a pretty decent place in past years.”

The Finn also said that he is not interested in the future changes in Formula 1 as he probably would not be in the sport when they happen.

“In the end, it’s no our decision, it’s up to them. It’s their business. They make plans and obviously take decisions they feel is correct. I don’t know what they’re doing now. I know very little about it and I’m not interested in it, so we’ll see tomorrow what they say. It’s in many years’ time anyhow. I doubt I’ll be here so it doesn’t really bother me”, Raikkonen explained.

“I don’t have the power so what’s the point to wasting… even thinking about it because I don’t understand why you… What’s the point for me, to give you a list, because, in the end, I have zero power? I can’t. You understand? We can’t, we don’t make the rules, that’s my point. What’s the point of even making a story out of it.”