New Nissan LEAF wins first international award

New Nissan LEAF wins first international award

Nissan LEAF
New Nissan LEAF wins first international award

The new Nissan LEAF has taken top honours at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) annual CES Unveiled ceremony.

With the announcement of the Best of Innovation award winners for 2018, before a crowd of tech industry experts in New York, the all-new, zero-emission Nissan LEAF won its first major international award.

As confirmation of Nissan’s leading investment in innovation, the 100% electric vehicle with ProPILOT (known as ProPILOT Assist in North America) and e-Pedal technologies took the following honours:

  • CES Best of Innovation award winner for Vehicle Intelligence and Self-Driving Technology
  • CES honoree for Tech for a Better World

Each year, the Consumer Technology Association announces its CES Best of Innovation award winners as part of the buildup to the January CES in Las Vegas. Nissan and the association will put on a special display of the new Nissan LEAF at the 2018 show.

“It is a great honour to have this early and important recognition for the new Nissan LEAF,” said Daniele Schillaci, Nissan’s executive vice president for global marketing and sales, zero-emission vehicles and the battery business, and chairman of the management committee for the Japan/A&O region.

The new Nissan LEAF brings a compelling package of everyday-useful innovations and technologies to more people worldwide than any electric vehicle has done before. The car is helping make the world a better place. Tha happens not only through innovation but also through access to more people. It has additional capabilities such as vehicle-to-home and vehicle-to-grid integration. And they help owners know they can waste less and give back more.

The new Nissan LEAF is on sale in Japan. It will arrive at Nissan dealers in the U.S. and Canada over the next two months.

In Western Europe production starts in December 2017 and goes on sale from February 2018.

Nissan LEAFThe new Nissan LEAF has taken top honours at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) annual CES Unveiled ceremony

In Europe, Nissan unveiled the new LEAF at beginning of October. The next generation of the world’s best-selling zero-emissions electric vehicle embodies the company’s Nissan Intelligent Mobility vision. LEAF has been reinvented to offer greater range, dynamic design, advanced driver assistance technologies and enhanced connectivity.

The new LEAF offers an improved range of 378km on a single charge, which allows drivers to enjoy longer journeys. Meanwhile, the new e-powertrain also delivers 110kW of power output and 320Nm of torque, improving acceleration.

The new Nissan LEAF’s revolutionary e-Pedal technology transforms the way people drive by letting them start, accelerate, decelerate and stop. And that happens simply by increasing or decreasing the pressure applied to the accelerator. When the driver fully releases the accelerator, the system applies automatically the hydraulic and friction brakes. That brings the car to a complete stop and regenerates the braking energy to recharge the battery. The car holds its position, even on steep up and downhill slopes, until the accelerator is pressed again. That is how the system takes the stress out of driving like never before.

Yet the new Nissan LEAF is also much more than just a 100% electric vehicle. It is a mobile power unit complete with unique bi-directional charging, which means it can give back energy to power the world around it by connecting to homes and offices. It can even return any excess charge to top up and stabilise the local energy grid thanks to Nissan’s innovative Vehicle to Grid technology.

Stylish outside, while the interior underwent a complete design – the LEAF puts the driver at the centre of the experience.