Mercedes F1 W08 revealed at Silverstone

Mercedes F1 W08 revealed at Silverstone


The new Mercedes F1 W08 was revealed at the Silverstone circuit some time before its official launch. The car made its first laps. Lewis Hamilton was behind the wheel.

Later the Mercedes F1 W08 was officially unveiled by Hamilton and his new teammate Valtteri Bottas

The launch was live streamed on the team’s website, Facebook and YouTube channels.

“It felt incredible”, Hamilton described his first laps in the F1 W08. He added that he saw the whole car for the first time yesterday and “it’s the most detailed piece of machinery I’ve seen so far in Formula One.”

“The car feels almost identical to last year’s car in terms of the ergonomics. But you’ve just got this bigger, more powerful beast around you.”

Bottas will be behind the wheel in the afternoon.

“It is a big day for me, driving a Silver Arrow for the first time. It’s something really special. What I really like is how clean it looks. But at the same time there’s a massive amount of detail in all of the areas. The rear end, around the bargeboards, the front wing, all these details, all the development that has been done, how far everything has been taken with this car. It looks cool and I can’t wait to drive it”, the Finn commented.